Way back in 1999, I relocated to Georgia to begin working with newly arriving refugee families through the refugee resettlement program. For over twenty years, I have had the privilege to walk along side families leaving behind war, persecution, and isolation in order to start a new life in the Atlanta area. Over that time, I gained expertise in the US refugee program as well as an understanding of the benefits and challenges to newcomers of accessing systems in the US–social services, healthcare, education, employment, government grants, and more. I broadened both my interest and ability to share cross-culturally and how to help newcomers do the same. Above all, I was able to develop a deep and ongoing connection to various immigrant communities that became an entrenched part of both my professional and personal life.

This website provides an overview of the kind of work I participated in over the years in refugee resettlement as well as some of the refugee communities that I was able to see grow and flourish. I hope it will be a help and inspiration to young people thinking about their futures to see one of many ways that one can become involved in a helping profession.

Enjoy and feel free to ask questions: