A new family is greeted by their relative at the airport

Like most refugees, the Meskhetian Turks step off the airplane in Atlanta quite unsure of what to expect or if anyone will really be there to help them. There is always a sense of relief and gratitude in their faces when we are there to greet and guide them at their arrival. Now that a number of families have come, some of the Turks are able to accompany us to the airport to meet their family members. As you can see in the photograph, this makes for quite a happy occasion.

Loading up luggage of some newly arrived families

Because they are coming from a more stable living situation than most refugees, the Turks arrive to Atlanta with quite a lot of luggage, trying to bring as much of their past lives with them as possible.  (They maximize their option to take two bags per person right up to the absolute weight limit.)  We usually have to take our large cargo van just to handle the load!