Volunteers and donations

Volunteers are an important part of the adjustment of refugees to America. We have been able to link up a number of Turkish families with Atlanta volunteers and church groups to help the Turks learn about life in the United States. Volunteers can become like members of the family for some of the refugees. Here you see a welcome dinner for some new arrivals. Their family members prepared a huge meal and all the volunteers working with the family were invited.

A knitters’ club in Florida always sends us winter blankets and scarves for our babies
A Turkish grandmother proudly displays her donated sewing machine

In addition to volunteer time, donations are an essential way that the larger community can get involved in the resettlement process. Donations allow us to place needed items in the homes of refugees such as sofas and tables, offer extra comforts such as televisions and washing machines (and the much desired coffee table!), fulfill the requirements for matching grants, and keep people warm in winter with coats and knits.